Garden Sheds

Which Garden Shed is Right For You?

With our large range of strong and stylish garden sheds, TJ Sheds has all your backyard storage needs covered. We are proud to offer a number of different styles of garden sheds. If you are after a shed for some storage, or a shed that you can spend hours in working on your projects, our Heavy Duty range is for you. However, If you are looking for a feature shed to add style to your backyard whilst still being functional, check out our range of Contemporary garden sheds. With modern designs and a host of additional options, the possibilities are endless.

Heavy Duty Range

  • 75mm purlin frame
  • Colorbond sheeting & flashings
  • Welded door frame with T-Handle lock

Contemporary Collection

  • Fully welded 25×25 RHS framing
  • Colorbond sheeting & flashings
  • Modern cladding options


  • Fully custom designed
  • For something truly unique
  • Contact us to discuss

Which Roof Style?

We offer three different roof styles within the different ranges. A skillion roof is a slightly sloped roof, directing water to one wall. These are great to direct water runoff to a single point, however, the wall height can get a bit low on deeper sheds. The traditional gable roof has lower wall heights to allow for the taller peak, causing a lower height at the doorway which can be a struggle for taller people. It also decreases the space inside the shed. The hooped roof design is great for going against a fence or building as the roof directs water to the two ends, rather than towards the fence line, or an exisiting structure. The very low pitch roof design also maximises the amount of space inside the shed to allow for more storage.

Heavy Duty Range


Contemporary Collection

The Horizon
The Harrison
The Knox
The Levi