Contemporary Collection

The Harrison

Contemporary Collection

The Harrison is a combination of the Horizon with a new style incorporating horizontal and vertical lines, along with the extended front with flat sheet style infill and ceiling. This would suit any architectural style environment.


  • Fully welded 25x25x1.5mm Galv RHS framing
  • Horizontal corrugated sheeting
  • Manufactured with 100% Australian steel
  • Optional vertical corrugated infill panels
  • 1m wide, heavy duty welded door frame
  • Bolt-on keyed T-handle lock
  • Angles side walls with extended front eave
  • Inside of front overhang clad in flat sheet
  • Supplied as prefabricated wall panels
  • Available in the entire Colorbond® range
  • Easy D.I.Y. installation or we can install it for you

Hold down kits are supplied with every shed. No extra charge!

Colorbond® Pricing

The Harrison has a standard front wall height of 2.2m. If you require a a custom wall height, please contact us for a quote. The sizing listed below is the external wall dimension of the shed. The extended front wing (at ground level) and eave will add 240mm and740mm respectively.

Size (m) (Front x Side) 2.2m Wall Height Gutter & Downpipe * Skylight Installation
1.59 x 0.82 $2333 $124 $30 $429
2.35 x 0.82 $2688 $142 $30 $469
3.11 x 0.82 $3211 $157 $30 $527
3.87 x 0.82 $3712 $174 $30 $527
1.59 x 1.59 $2720 $124 $50 $469
2.35 x 1.59 $3109 $142 $50 $510
3.11 x 1.59 $3678 $157 $50 $567
3.87 x 1.59 $4228 $174 $50 $567
1.59 x 2.35 $3254 $124 $71 $510
2.35 x 2.35 $3820 $142 $71 $567
3.11 x 2.35 $4317 $157 $71 $624
3.87 x 2.35 $4764 $174 $71 $624

* The ‘Gutters & Downpipes’ option includes 1 x 115mm Quad Gutter along the back wall and 1 x 90mm PVC downpipe, painted in the Colorbond® colour of your choice.

Zincalume® Pricing

Zincalume® pricing is also available on request.

Custom Made Sizing

In addition to the standard sizes listed above, these sheds are also available in a large range of intermediate sizes. Pricing for intermediate sizing is the same as the next standard size up. Custom sizing is also available on request, but may incur an additional cost. Please enquire.

Delivery and Installation

Adelaide Metro delivery is available for only $149. See the price list above for installation costs. ** Installation price does not include delivery.

Color Options

The Contemporary Collection is available in the full range of Colorbond® colours. If you would like to make your shed a feature of your garden, consider selecting a different coloured trim at no extra charge.


Optional Extras

A large number of optional extras and upgrades are available to compliment your shed and make it your own.

View the full range of Optional Extras.


View the image gallery below for some inspiration.